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Golf Clubs Are Not Enough

When first starting to play golf it can be somewhat confusing, you may think that after you spend most of your money on clubs and a bag your done.  There are a few more things that you may not be aware of that you may not really need, but is going to make your golf day, better, because clubs are not enough.


What respectable golfer would be out on the course or been seen taking his/her shot without a glove, a golf glove.  How are you going to clean your clubs after you dig up the course, you are going to need a towel, not just a towel, a golf towel.

You can’t just wear your old tee shirt and blue jeans to this sport, well most golf clubs will expect you to be dressed accordingly.  You guessed it golf clothes, golf shirts and pants, matching if possible.

Get out of the sun or get out of the rain, an umbrella is useful and yes, of course there are golf umbrellas just for you.  Do what I do, I bring compact rain gear, cost about $2.50 and fits in your bag no problem.  If it is raining out that hard, time to go.

You need covers for the heads of your clubs, oh yeah they cover the heads up.  They come in all shapes and sizes too, wait until you start looking for these, if you do, I don’t.

Well, you are going to need some beverages while out playing, of course you have the cart girl and places to refresh your thirst, but what about in-between these places.  On a hot day it is recommended that you take a drink every 20 minutes or so, as not to dehydrate yourself in the heat.  You need a cooler bag oh yeah you guessed it a golf cooler bag.

Of course, you cannot be outside in the heat without a hat or visor, of course, they have golf hats anything else would stand out, who cares.    I never go out without my sun lotion on, not sure, if they have golf lotion, I am sure they do somewhere.

Wait not done yet, shoes of course, you really do not need them, and most clubs don’t require golf shoes.  They do come in handy though, making you feel very sure footed when taking your shot.

You see clubs and a bag are not enough, not even close.  If you look around at your favorite golf store, I am sure you will find other golf related products on the shelf.  Some of the stuff is nice to have, like a glove and golf shoes are nice, but not necessary, you can play fine without them, or can you.

Is there anything I left out, is there something that you need every time you go out.  Something that just makes your day on the golf course that much better, leave a comment don’t keep it to yourself let us all know.

In reality all you really need are clubs and a bag o yeah some balls may help, see it never stops, the course fees another thing.  An expensive sport this golfing can be, then you need a golf rangefinder, it never stops.


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