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Heat Related Illnesses on the Golf Course

golf-courseBefore you go out to the golf course next time stop and think. Did you know that too much sun is bad for you?

There can be many effects of too much sun let’s start off with heat exhaustion, even though golf is not an overly physical sport the heat can still cause humans problems, some more than others. Heat exhaustion is too real of a symptom and if not acted on it will lead to a more serious condition, heat stroke.

Let us look at the symptoms of heat exhaustion first. Your body can no longer cool itself thus causing heat related injuries, if you start to feel weakness, nausea, or a sudden headache comes on or muscle cramps and you start to sweat uncontrollably.

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Stop what you are doing, get out of the sun, and ask for help. Cool down with water or sport drinks that will rehydrate you. Stay in the cool area until you feel that you are again feeling ok. If heat exhaustion is gone undetected it may go to the next level and become heat stroke, this could be fatal.

Heat stroke or sunstroke can cause a person to stop sweating thus increasing sharply the body temperature with no way to cool itself down which is another form of hyperthermia. Other symptoms include:

  • Disorientation
  • Confusion
  • Strange behavior
  • Hallucinations
  • Rapid pulse
  • Breathing is difficult
  • High body temperature

If you notice anyone in your golf party acting in any way unusual and the heat of the day is on (12:00-1:00 hottest time of the day) or any time get them out of the sun immediately, call emergency services as soon as possible.  Start to rehydrate if possible, make them comfortble until medical attention arrives.

Most if not all heat related illnesses are avoidable by drinking water, keeping yourself hydrated is the key to surviving the dog days of summer. Therefore, before you and your foursome get out to the course make sure you have taken into account the weather for the day. Bring enough water for the whole party for the day or have plans to refill your water supply.

Wait no need for water on your course because the cart lady always has a cold beer for you. Well the problem with that is alcohol will, for a fact dehydrate the body. A cold beer will do you no good in the fight of heat related illnesses.

Heat related problems are most severe for the elderly and the very young, do not let that fool you the heat can affect anyone.  Be careful no need for a great day to turn into a bad day.


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