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What Drives You Crazy on the Golf Course


I have them and I know you do too, things that just bother the hell out of you when you are out trying to have a nice relaxing game of golf.  People get in the way of your enjoyment.

Some of these peeves are mine, some are things that I have read and come across in many of the golf forums I stay in touch with, and I find some of these funny and most are so true.  So let us get to it, the first peeve is mine.

The one in your foursome that forgets a club, can’t find it, it was there yesterday.  Not a club he can do without a club he needs like the putter or the sand wedge.  Drives me crazy every time it seems it is always the same person.  Ok it happens occasionally, but all the time, get with it and prepare.  Next time they do without.

This is one I have heard a few times, the golfer that craps on every shot you make, enough already funny the first time, maybe a few times after.  On every shot all day, shut up, what made you such a pro, go home and give your kids s…t or something, just get away from me.

One guy says he hates all the duck turds on the course and all over his clubs, what.  All over your clubs, what are you doing with the duck turds??

I like this one if it wasn’t so annoying it would be funny.  The pre shot warm up, too much Honeymooners late at night I think.  I know a couple of warm ups and then shoot, what the game is on the line, get with it already the wife wants me home before dark.

This is the ultimate in my opinion and others have complained about this one. Garbage, beer bottles, water bottles whatever.  You bring it you can bring it back, why should you be able to throw that in the bush or wherever, if there is no container around, put it back where you got it from.  No one, I repeat no one wants to see your garbage on his or her golf course.  Give me a break, even at the golf course, shame.

Well a few things could get you going on the golf course and ruin your day.  Can you think of any more that just drives you crazy on the golf course, leave a comment, come on let us in on it, we won’t tell the folks you golf with, promise.


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