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Unioptimizer Software Review

Some of you might be familiar with Unioptimizer program. This program is speedup tool program which has the function to fix and clean your personal computer. Installing the program will help you to improve the overall performance of your personal computer. Unioptimizer offers many features and abilities for the users allowing them to increase the speed of their computer.


Unioptimizer is working to clean, repair, and defragment Windows registry. When you are installing the program, you will be able to remove the system junks, duplicate the files, repair Windows errors, broken shortcuts, and much more. The company has designed the program to help the users to optimize their PC performance. This is not done only by solving the registry and other problems but also optimizing the internet, updating Windows, and removing malicious ActiveX. It is even better since you can perform all the features only with one click.

Unioptimizer Feature

Fix, Clean, Optimize, Speed Up and Protect with One Click

There are some main features which are available in Unioptimizer. The first feature is the ability to fix, clean, maximize, and protect your personal computer. The program is working to clean and make backup on Windows registry. If there is any malicious ActiveX, the program will block it. The users can also upgrade the Window only with one click. Unioptimizer also comes with system cleanup. The program allows you to clean any error registries entries, junk files, evidence files, internet logouts, and much more. After installing the program, you will be able to ensure that your system is clean.

Windows Cure, Windows Optimizer

Another feature which is available in Unioptimizer is Windows Cure. The feature has the function to help Windows setting errors reparation process. It is also helpful to repair other errors including IE error, system component error, and much more. The program is designed with Windows Optimizer. By using the program, you will be able to optimize system default settings, Windows registry, installed application, and much more. If there is any unwanted program, Unioptimizer will uninstall the program completely. You are also able to manage any unnecessary startup items. As the result, your computer will work much faster

Windows Update & System Protection

It is known that upgrading Windows does not only solve any vulnerability on your system but also gives protection on your computer against viruses, worms, Trojan, and other malicious programs. When you are installing Unioptimizer, you will be able to have system protection for your personal computer. It works effectively to remove various malicious programs.

Other Unioptimizer Features

  • Registry cleaner. The feature helps you to clean unnecessary and error registry entries.
  • Junk File Cleaner and Duplicate File Cleaner. The users are able to check and clean system junks from your computer. By doing so, you can have more space for the system and other programs. As the result, your computer can work faster.
  • Junk File Cleaner. Unioptimizer has the ability to check any junk from your computer. If there is any duplicate file, the program will delete it.
  • Evidence Cleaner. The program is working to remove any activity track and computer activity traces making it safer.
  • Shortcuts Cleaner. Your computer can work slower because of broken shortcuts. The invalid shortcuts will be removed allowing your computer to work more conveniently.
  • Error Repair. Unioptimizer is working to make any reparation on Windows setting errors and other errors.
  • System Optimizer. After installing the program, your computer will be optimized. The program is hiring the system setting optimization, installed application, and desktop to increase the speed of your computer.
  • Memory Optimizer. Unioptimizer is also working to maximize memory which results improved system performance.
  • Uninstall Manager. When you are installing Unioptimizer, you are able to uninstall any program in safe condition. You can remove any useless program which only wastes space and resources.
  • BHO Manager. The main function of the program is stabilizing your browser before increasing the web efficiency. It is done by managing browser helper objects and plugins.

Review Conclusion

The company has built Unioptimizer with 1-click PC performance checking. The users will be able to perform various tasks in checking your computer performance only with one-click. Not only 1-click PC performance check, but the program also offers 1-click PC cleanup, speedup, and protection. You will be able to clean Windows registry and system junks while optimizing the system of your computer with one-click. With this simplicity, Unioptimizer becomes one of the optimizer softwares that is easy to understand and operated by the users.

Unioptimizer is available for just $36.89. This program is protected by 30 days money back guarantee, so you can request your money back if you feel disappointed in this software. You can also try the trial version of Unioptimizer before you decide to buy it.


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